Our Top 10 Posts (Based on Readership)

Because our new Indexing System is not quite ready yet (we promise it’s coming soon) we thought it would be a good idea to make a special page for our most popular posts.  Of course, we still want you to look around . . . but if you’re short on time, we suggest you start here.

The table below lists our Top 10 posts—not the ones we like, but the ones our readers like.  The rankings are derived from a combination of readership-related factors, including:

  • Unique views
  • Traffic from StumbleUpon
  • Traffic from Digg
  • Traffic from Sphinn (where applicable)
  • Number of Retweets
  • Volume of comments and emails
  • Number of incoming links from other sites

If you’re looking for a true “What’s Hot” list from THEsmallCOMPANYBLOG, this is it.


Rank Title
#1  7 Reasons Why I Suck at Blogging, and What I’m Going to Do About It
#2  5 Unbreakable Rules for Using Twitter as a Business Tool
#3  Self-Publishing: A Simple and Inexpensive How-To Guide
#4  Inexpensive SEO Strategies for Small Company Websites: Part III
#5  Why Do I Work for a Small Company?
#6  Dirty Negotiating: Yet Another Walmart Corporate Standard
#7  When Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a Bad Idea
#8  3 Tips for Finding (and Getting) a Small Company Job
#9  The Importance of Blogs for Small Company Web Traffic
#10  Tips for a Tough Economy: Marketing On a Small(er) Budget

Note that these rankings are updated twice per month, and do not reflect any posts written in the last seven (7) calendar days.  If you disagree with any portion of these rankings, or would like to lobby for a post that is not currently listed here, please make your case by leaving a reply (positive or negative) at the post in question.