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Valuable Tips, Tools and Checklists for Small Company Managers
The document library below contains a variety of tips, tools and checklists for small company managers and executives.  These resources are absolutely free, and in exchange for downloading them we ask only that you take a moment to Become a Site Insider by Following this Link.  All documents are in a downloadable .PDF format, and are less than 100kb each.

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CHECKLIST: 10 Signs a Lack of Technology is Hurting Your Business As a small company executive, how do you know when a lack of technology is inhibiting your company’s growth? Ask yourself these questions.
CHECKLIST: Are You Making an Emotional Decision? Can small company executives lower their business risk and make more profitable decisions by checking their emotions at the door? Absolutey . . . with this checklist.
TIP: Rules for Marketing Yourself Internally Do you regularly go the extra mile as a manager and receive no credit from the owner or CEO? If so, it’s time to start marketing yourself internally. Learn how with this tip.
TOOL: The 12 Essential Sections of a Marketing Plan (New Product) Is your small company rolling out a new product or service? Don’t miss anything when you’re creating the Marketing Plan–download this tool.
TOOL: The 5 Hidden Ways Small Companies Waste Money The biggest small company expenses are the ones management can’t see with the naked eye. Find out what they are–download this paper today.
ASSESSMENT TOOL: The 17 Traits of a Promotable Employee Are you considering the promotion of an existing employee to a management position? Find out if they’re up to the challenge with this assessment tool.
TOOL: Sample Interview Questions for Small Company Hiring Managers Inserting the wrong employee into a small company environment can be devastating to the culture and the bottom line. Use this tool and avoid the mistake.