How to Setup Your Own Cannabis Tent?

Grow tents are created to help small cannabis growers grow some bud at home. They are perfect for anyone looking to harvest anything from 1-5 ounces, but it’s not suitable for bigger commercial operations. They are sturdy, last a long time, and you can also help you keep things stealthy if you have a nosy neighbor.

Now, grow tents are available in many sites online, and although constructing one from scratch costs almost the same as a grow tent bought online, making your own grow tent will allow you to customize things according to your needs. Moreover, doing something yourself gives you an inexplicable satisfaction that can’t be bought. So, if you’re creative and want to construct your own grow tent, read on to know how…

  • Gather everything you need

Even the most basic grow tent will require:

  1. Grow lights: Grab some of the best led grow lights, and the next step is to set up the grow room!
  2. Air flow: Ventilation is extremely important to consider when constructing a grow tent because your plants can burn to death if the air heats up inside the tent. You can also impress your plants by providing Co2 since it can be made with just a few ingredients. Note that you’ll need fans too, so ensure that you make a basic diagram to understand how everything fits together.
  3. PVC Piping – You need a frame to build a grow tent and the cheapest way to achieve that is to use PVC.
  4. Reflective material – To increase the brightness of the room, grow tents typically come with reflective material draped inside. You can create the same by using Mylar and taping it to frame. While the reflective material is taped inside, the black part is outside since it blocks light. This way, you get to reduce light leaks and keep your plants happy.


  • Start building!

It’s important to make a diagram before you start building because it prevents mistakes. Check out tutorials on Youtube or other sites to begin. By using piping that’s about 2 inches in diameter, the remaining parts can be fit as you continue building it. The frame should be strong and able to hold the weight of the equipment you fit in there. To fit everything perfectly, use duct tape so that the frame doesn’t come crashing down later.

Depending on the size of the grow room you prefer, you can build the frame and once that’s done, you can wrap the Mylar tightly around the tent. If you want a stronger tent, use more Mylar and wrap it until you’re satisfied. Again, use duct tape to ensure that the Mylar is securely wrapped around the frame.

While some growers take exact measurements and cut holes in the Mylar for ventilation beforehand, you can cut holes after wrapping it on the frame. Make sure that you take accurate measurements for the holes as it will prevent light leaks. This step is very crucial, so take your time and allocate space for fans and other equipment. The number of holes you cut will also depend on the type of lights you’re using, so it’s best to make up your mind about the lights before you proceed.

Once the grow tent is ready, it’s time to fit the fixtures and fans inside. If the light equipment is too heavy, you’ll need to start again if your frame is incapable of holding the weight. Today, grow tents are available for less than $100, but if you’re more interested in customizing the tent completely according to your requirements, you can follow the steps outlined above.

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