Best Places to Build a Tiny House

Building a tiny house has its challenges, from finding available land to strict building codes. Some of the places you would like to live might not be very receptive to tiny houses, due to fears and concerns about safety hazards and a decline in real-estate value etc. Some areas in the US are more tiny-friendly though. Here is a list of states that are making the biggest strides in integrating tiny houses into their communities.


California is the most tiny-friendly state in the US. Besides a number of cities and communities with building codes permitting tiny houses, there are a number of real-estate developers that specialize in tiny houses. New communities are popping up every day, which include communal facilites, stores, parks etc. California offers a lot for tiny house owners, due to a large number of national parks and close proximity of urban areas. According to interior design, colors like white, yellow, light gray or green make the rooms look bigger and brown if you want a neutral theme across the house, search for tiny houses for sale in california.


Oregon is the most progressive state in terms of building codes and zoning restrictions in the US. There are even towns/cities that are welcoming tiny house owners, rather than just tolerating them. There are also a number of tiny house retreats or vacation sites, where you can even try out some houses before you make a decision to build one. Check out this beautiful Mt. Hood Tiny Village outside Portland, OR


Texas has also made the list as one of the best states for tiny houses. It is important to take this with a note, since there are still a number of places and communities that make it impossible or illegal to build or locate tiny houses. Most of the tiny houses are located in the liberal areas and communities near Spur and Austin, where many tiny house owners have built or bought their houses. Spur is especially tiny-friendly and actively encourages tiny houses, while at the same time offering cheap land to potential owners.

North Carolina

North Carolina is another state that has a growing tiny house population. Places like Brevard and Flat Rock have active tiny-communities and some have even passed tiny-specific regulation to help out potential tiny house owner. Areas in North Carolina allow tiny houses to be used either as primary living spaces or ADUs. Great climate a


nd relatively inexpensive land make North Carolina a great option for tiny house owners. There has been a recent backlash against tiny houses in Charlotte, NC but, in general, there is a positive trend towards them.


Similar to Texas, Florida is a hit’n’miss state for tiny house owners. There are areas which still actively discourage or make it illegal to build or locate a tiny home. Some of the areas to consider in Florida are located near urban centers like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. Zoning restrictions differ from area to area, so the best option is to inquire about them before making a decision. Bear in mind that in Florida some of the regulations might be more restrictive and safety oriented compared to other states, mostly due to constant danger posed by hurricanes.

Tiny houses are still new phenomena in the US and the legislation, financing and attitudes towards them are just starting to change. Many states have not jumped on the tiny-bandwagon yet or there is very little information available about tiny living in them. Still, there is a positive trend towards accepting the tiny house movement and slowly more and more communities are opening up. Cities all over the country are thinking of using tiny houses to address other issues, such as homelessness and green living.



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