Essential hormones of your body

Hormones are powerful regulating agents that travel through your bloodstream to each tissue and organ directing its growth. They play a crucial role in the way your body functions and your metabolism responds to different external factors like diet, routine, exercise and stress. Hormones are essential for stimulating fat burn, lipid deposition, maintaining energy levels and the health of vital organs like the brain. Here’s a list of the most important hormones in your body and their functioning.


This is not only an essential male hormone but in fact a significant one for women as well. Optimum levels of the hormone help in building muscle mass and providing strength to the, body which is one of the reasons it is a gym-session favorite. It is known to optimize the functioning of the cognitive system and boost vitality. In females, small amounts of the hormone work in collaboration with estrogen to regulate functions like fertility and menstrual cycle. A balance of both testosterone and estrogen is essential in females to keep their biological processes running smooth. Low levels of testosterone in individuals may lead to obesity, high risk of heart related diseases and unfavorable changes in fertility and menstrual cycle for women.


This stress hormone is essential for the body as it is released in response to exercises. The hormone is responsible for regulating the metabolic processes to adjust to the demands of your body during workouts. High levels of cortisol are good for you, as they help adapt your body for exercise keeping you energized but intense workouts may lead to consistently high concentrations of cortisol. This must be avoided because it can cause dietary pattern changes, and cardiovascular diseases. Always opt for moderation when training, as it helps keep stress levels low and cortisol levels in check.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

This is the primary growth stimulator that is responsible for muscle mass development and breakdown of excess fat in the body. This 191-amino acids chain aids in building lean muscles by directing the growth of skeletal tissues through receptor binding. It also helps reduce weight by stimulating the release of free fats in the body and regulating their breakdown. The HGH is highly beneficial for both men and women providing vitality and strength to the body while facilitating a slowdown in the aging process. Hgh for sale protocol. Produced by the pituitary gland, the growth hormone builds muscle mass by stimulating testosterone production and working alongside it to regulate cellular growth.

Optimum levels of the growth hormone in your body assist in keeping you young and energetic by promoting lean muscles and fat burn. Levels of the hormone should be regulated, especially when you reach middle age because the secretion of HGH tends to reduce naturally. To boost HGH concentration in the body, moderate exercises, proper sleep, rest and appropriate nutrition are recommended. High intensity workouts or intense trainings are best for naturally elevating HGH levels. HGH also helps build exercise capacity, so intense workouts apart from a healthy routine are the best way to step up growth hormone production in the body.


Estrogen levels in females can be optimized by eating foods rich with this hormone and exercising regularly. It is a well-known female hormone that is responsible for regulating the reproductive cycle. According to some health experts, this hormone can help with muscular recovery and cognitive health as well. It also aids in directing lipid formation and has a strong impact on the way fat is stored in your body. Contrary to general belief, estrogen is not a female-only hormones as small quantities are present in males as well that are significant for the metabolism.


Insulin is popular for its function in sugar breakdown and diabetes. It is an anabolic hormone that facilitates in the synthesis of useful complex compounds in the body. It works by stimulating cells to take up glucose or blood sugar after you’ve had a meal in the day. Optimum levels of this hormone must be maintained to avoid high blood sugar levels in the body; that can lead to diabetes. This is because all the blood glucose needs to be cleared away after you’ve eaten and low insulin levels can’t achieve that. Maintaining healthy eating patterns is the best way to keep insulin levels in check along with consistent exercises.

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