Can Air/Folding Mattress Replace Classic Beds?

If you search, the most frequently asked question today by mattress buyers, you‘d be surprised to see that this question is one of them.

Classic beds are increasingly losing their elegance as air/folding mattress become more attractive in many households. In terms of convenience, especially when moving from one place to another an air/foldable mattress is a better option than a classic bed.

Due to their fixed nature and firm platform, moving them around is hard. What this means is that air/ folding mattress can substitute the need of having a classic bed.

That is not all; the price for a classic bed is a little bit expensive. Designing the bed attractively means that you will have to spend a lot of money.

Altogether, we cannot overlook the usefulness of classic beds completely. Such benefits are;

  • They do not have springs this makes them ultra-comfortable to sleep
  • They allow the use of any kind of mattress you want
  • They do not require foundations and this greatly save you money
  • They are designed to be noiseless which helps you to sleep peacefully
  • The slats are well spaced for free airflow this keeps the mattress cooler than before
  • They come in a variety of designs right from the traditional designs to modern designs you get the design you want
  • Some offer storage facilities that provide you the best comfort while at the same time accommodating your stuff inside the bed.

On the other hand, these benefits set air/folding mattress apart;

  • Easy to store

An air mattress is easy to deflate and this will reduce it to a compact size for easy storage. Similarly, a folding mattress folds up into a compact size that can easily slide into a closet for storage. The advantage is that the mattress occupies a little space in the closet.

This feature makes it a great guest bed since you can bring it out when you want it and store it away when you do not need it. However, if you want to stick with traditional mattresses, look for best memory foam mattress.

  • Perfect for camping or traveling

Generally, air/folding mattresses are designed to be lightweight. This it makes it easy to take everywhere you go. In addition, it can collapse or fold to a small size which means it will occupy less space in your car.

On top of this, an air or folding mattress offers a lot of support and this can save you the pain of spending the entire night on a couch or sleeping bag. The support they offer makes them feel much more comfortable than a couch or a sleeping bag.

  • Cheaper than classic beds

It is interesting to see that folding mattresses are very cheap as compared to the price of a classic bed or a traditional mattress but still of similar benefits. Air/folding mattresses offer an economical solution when you suddenly need somewhere to sleep during a trip.

The good thing about these mattresses is that you can get them in many mattress stores in as low as $100-$200. As a result, nearly everyone can afford it, unlike a classic bed.

  • Versatile

Another feature that sets folding mattresses apart is their versatility. Other than serving as a bed, these mattresses can also be folded to form a chair or a footrest.

  • Great guest beds

If you live in a small room, a folding mattress makes a good bed for your guests. When you visitors come, you just need to bring it inflate or unfold and a comfortable bed is ready for them. When they leave, you can deflate or fold it up and store it back until the time it will be needed again.

  • Comfortable

Air mattresses are very comfortable and make you feel as if you are sleeping on the air. This mattress quickly contours to your body curves keeping the spine properly aligned. As a result, aches and pains around joints and pressure points are relieved.

Other benefits

  • Air mattresses do not sag
  • Are durable
  • Rapid inflation
  • Adjustable firmness


As can be seen, air/ folding mattresses are an excellent choice. Their benefits outweigh that of a classic bed. As a result, our answer that air/folding mattresses can substitute classic beds is qualified.

You can, therefore, buy an air/folding mattress with confidence that you will have many befits to enjoy that you cannot when using a classic bed.

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